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Wait, you need a hammer to fix your relationship?!

What is a hammer useful for? Here's three things!

  • Driving in a nail.

  • Removing a nail.

  • Assembling IKEA furniture.

Those are obvious, but what else?

  • Demolition

  • Shaping Metal

  • Cracking Nuts or Shells

  • Flattening things... simple right?

How about crushing ice, tenderizing meat, loosening jar lids, or cracking open geodes?

A hammer is a tool that can be used in so many ways!

The Midlfie Reboot Kit is the same kind of tool! It's like a hammer for your relationship!

Wait, that sounds all wrong...

Ok, here's the thing. We created it to be adaptable to any part of life that needs a little... revitalizing! Here's how you can apply this powerful tool to your marriage or relationships. Each of the three parts can be applied to two people!

10 Minute Wins - Break a Pattern Together:

  • Our list of 10-minute wins can be applied to your marriage, or ignite conversations. How do you currently feel? What do you want to shift. You can choose get a win individually, or as a couple.

  • The 10-min win is designed to bring attention to and shift something small, sort of like an ice breaker when you've been stuck or disconnected.

  • Remember to celebrate even the smallest victories! Share your wins with your partner for mutual celebration and connection. Do a silly dance, or go get ice cream together!

The Rabbit Hole Remedy -

Overcoming Overwhelm As One:

  • What's on your plates? Who is responsible for what? Are you in balance? Do you feel like you do more than your partner? Take this opportunity to write lists of things you love to do, tolerate doing, and hate doing, and see if you can rebalance all the tasks together.

  • Notice how you can ask each other for help. Do what you're good at! If you love cooking and your partner will do the dishes, that's a win. Talk about what you like to be asked for, and appreciate each others skills and gifts.

  • Create a nice small plan to accomplish a task or two as a team or individually. Hold each other accountable to the plan. Once you get good at it, do it again!

The No Regrets Reboot -

Rediscovering Purpose as a TEAM:

  • Do you have a couples bucket list? How about individual lists? How much fun do you have each week?

  • Remember why you like each other! Talk about those things you said you'll do "someday" and MAKE A NEW BUCKET LIST! Envision the life you want to share and take actionable steps towards it with new shiny bucket lists! Go ride the ferris wheel!

  • It's never too late to transform a relationship. Need inspiration? Check Groupon or local events and talk about things you'd like to explore together.

We made this kit for ourselves and use its parts all the time!

  • Figure out what tools work best for you, and what you need to feel heard and appreciated.

  • Go THROUGH conflict or crunchiness instead of avoiding it.

  • Get out of your ruts and comfort zones and go do stuff. That netflix series can wait!

  • Schedule time for "US" on your calendar and keep that time devoted to doing things together.

  • We spent the day on an adventure scavenger hunt in a local town yesterday. turns out there are several apps that get you out into the real world exploring! We saw new places, met new people, and enjoyed the day together. Regardless of what you choose, stay on the path together, fostering a stronger and more passionate connection while honoring each of your unique needs.

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