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Why Midlifers R DitChing OverthinkinG

If you're anything like us, you might benefit from a candid conversation about the 'Do The Thing' mentality.

"What's that?" you ask.

Just like it sounds. It's a way of being that values action, embraces impErfectionism, and keeps things a lot lighter. If you're the kind of pErson who can overthink your way out of starting, or frankly, finishing anything, let's have an authentic chat.

Rule #1 - Nobody CaRes

Ok, that's not really true, but in general, we put way too much value on the approval or attention of OTHER peoplE. Consider that 83.7% of people are chronic overthinkers, (and if you're reading this, you're probably one of them) especially if you're checking to see where that statistic came from. Full disclosure, I made it up just now, to make a point. There's no way to measure that is there?

Or is there?


Overthinking can create those trails of distraction about things that truly DON'T MATTER.

Here's what DOES matter. Creating.

In the symphony of life, we all have instruments to play. There are players of different skill levels contributing to this beautiful song. Each person plays their tune. Some suck at it, some are world class musicians, but the only ones truly missing out are the ones that aren't playing.

The most successful musicians, artists, and creators just DID THE THING. Then they FAILED. Then they tried again, failed again, and tried again. See a pattern?

Rule #2 - NoBody's PerfecT

The point is, I'm writing a blog right now about overthinking without thinking about it a whole lot. It's not "perfect" because nothing is. I remember reading a book when I was a kid called "How to be a perfect person in just three days." I was probably about 10, but the thought of being PERFECT?!?! My parents would never yell a me, I'd be everyone's favorite... Wow... I WANTED THAT!

After I read it, I was left with the great satisfaction of knowing I had NO INTEREST in being perfect.

Spoiler alert: Being perfect is very boring. This story reveals that "The only three things Milo could do were sip the weak tea, go to the bathroom, and breathe.

Learning that being perfect seemed seriously boring gave me permission to be IMPERFECT! You are invited to join me on my weird and wonderful journey!

Rule #3 - Your ImPerfectoNism IS perfeCt

Now that you know perfection is boring, let's get back to cultivating imperfection!

Step 1 - Create Something

If you've forgotten how to create, ask a local child if you can color with them. Overthinking is a symptom of taking life too seriously, and by mid-life, you probably should have learned to laugh a little, especially at yourself. Would you sit with a child and overthink how to color? Just start coloring.

Step 2 - Admire Yourself

After you color your marvelous masterpiece or whatever you created, take a look in the mirror.

Look at those lines etched by laughter and scars earned through battles. Those aren't flaws honey, they're the brushstrokes of a well-lived life painted with experienceS!

Wear them proudly, you can't get those just sitting and drinking weak tea. You can get those from LAUGHING and LIVING!

Rule #3 - KeeP it LiGht, Laugh at YourSelf

Taking this too seriously? Let's lighten this up.

Step 1 - Laugh at Your Toes

Take off your shoes and socks and look at your toes. If you do this long enough, you will realize that toes are very funny.

Step 2 - Break a pattern

Put the jelly on the bread, then the peanut butter. Do something that is backwards from your usual pattern, and notice how you feel. (Jeremie did this and I short circuited... then I pseudo freaked out for fun... "YOU CAN'T MAKE A JELLY AND PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH IN THAT ORDER!?!?!")

Or can you? He just had, and it tasted the same.


Find humor in the mundane, chuckle at life's quirks, get over being annoyed at my random capitaliZation, and stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. The 'Do The Thing' mentality is not a burden; it's a permission slip to keep going, even if it's awkward. Ahem, ESPECIALLLY if it's aWkward!

Rule #4 - ActioNs Speak LoUDer than OvertHinking

Instead of overheating that squishy brain, and waiting for the stars to align, embrace the beauty of an imperfect moment. 'Do The Thing' is not a rally cry for hasty decisions; it's a gentle encouragement to trust your instincts, take the leap, and relish the journey.

While you're busy pacing and pondering the worst thing that could happen, put a cork in that and consider the BEST thing that could happen! If you take action and screw up, at least do it heroically!

The best stories unfold in the space of unpredictability. When you're truly LET GO!

Like a kid getting caught making a mess, it wasn't really a problem for THEM until someone decided it was. You know I'm right on this.

The UnofFicial GuiDe to 'Do The ThiNG'

  1. Tiny Steps, Giant Leaps: Begin with small actions. Those tiny victOries pave the way for grand adventures. (We say this a lot because it's tRue.)

  2. The Crown of Imperfection (TAH DAH!): Perfection is a mirage, remember? Adorn yourself with the crown of a life well-lived, IMPERFECTION.

  3. Humor as Your Sidekick: Approach challenges with a sense of humor. Laughter is not good medicine; it's your resilient sidekick.

  4. Embrace Your Brilliance: When should you let your light out and sHine? Now. That's always the answer. Celebrate your unique brilliance and let it guide your journey. Then do it a little more until you're a freaking supernova!

  5. Learning in Motion: The magic is in the journey, not just the destination. Learn, adapt, and savor the process. You've seen the memes, so instead of just sharing them, LIVE THEM.

Let's journey together, embrace the 'Do The Thing' mentality, and navigate midlife with a smile, a butt wiggle like a happy dog, and the unwavering authenticity that makes you, you. After all, you're in the midst of your own extraordinary narrative. Savor it, live it, and do the thing!

Wanna join like minded friends?

We're having fun, and are ready to meet you where you are on your road to imperfECtion!

Get to know us and what we're doing in our FREE mini-course!

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