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Your body is SCREAMING, are you kinda deaf to it?

"I'm fine."

The mantra of midlifers and Gen X because we are STRONGER than everything!

Are we though?

Before we get into this, here's a disclaimer: We are not health professionals and are not suggesting any medical advice in this blog. Please take this information as an invitation to check in with yourself, how you feel, and then contact your health provider to assist you before making any changes.



Where were we?

If you're reading this, you could be the kind of person who pushes a bit too far and takes care of everything and everybody else before yourself.

You might pop an Advil instead of hydrating, or grab a coffee instead of a nap.

Sound familiar?

We KNOW when we do stuff like this, and for some reason, we make it okay to IGNORE the signals our bodies are giving us.

It occurred to us that our Midlife Reboot Kit can be applied to your physical health too!

Here's how.

10 Minute Wins - Small Triumphs for Health:

We can all agree that humans need some basic things like movement, stretching, water, and food and rest and cookies. There are several wins in our list that relate to taking care of how your body feels.

  • Check in head to toes and feel any messages your body has for you.

  • Can you create a new daily win habit?

    • Here's some ideas you can do in under 10 minutes, set an alarm on your phone!

    • Drink 16 oz of water when you wake up.

    • Walk, stretch or exercise 10 minutes a day.

    • Meditate for 10 minutes a day

    • Focus on breathing deeply for 5 minutes!

The Rabbit Hole Remedy - Managing Overwhelm in Self-Care:

  • We hear about self care, but do we practice it?

  • Self care is taking a look at the demands and tasks in your life that leave you tired and get them under control! Make a list of all the things you wish you could do for yourself, then pick the top 3. Here are other fun tips!

    • Add things you enjoy to your to-do list!

    • Delegate things that you can't do physically, or at least ask for help.

    • Schedule overwhelming things for a later date, then revisit!

    • Prioritize and plan effectively.

The No Regrets Reboot -

Finding Purpose in Feeling Better:

  • Who are you maintaining your health for?

    • Do you want to be strong, healthy and flexible for your kids or grandkids?

    • Do you want to try new things that require a level of fitness you don't have yet?

    • Are you avoiding getting that test that might give you new information, or peace of mind?

    • It's not too late! Make a new bucket list! Run a marathon NEXT YEAR! Give yourself time to work your way into things.

    • Embrace purpose and be gentle with yourself in the process. You can do anything you set your mind to.

You can get busy living, or get busy dying! You deserve to enjoy your journey and feel good along the way. Find the right care for your needs and take care of you!

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