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​Starting a new life when you're 50ish is quite a journey. When we met, we had each spent over 10 years getting clarity on our purpose, and understanding the life we really wanted. Before we met, we struggled a lot, learning “the hard way”, and feeling frustration that we weren't where we thought we would be.


We met on Facebook dating in 2019, both jaded about relationships, yet willing to test the waters again.

To our surprise, the work we had done individually paid off! We were ready to meet each other powerfully and move forward together. We got engaged 2 weeks later, fully committing to creating together.​

After an unexpected early turn in 2020, when we were quite literally together 24/7, Jeremie lost his job and we started our own company serving small businesses in a variety of ways. Learn more at

In the short few years since then we've been on the fast track to clarity, and creating exactly the life we want. Our experiences have led us to solutions that we are EXCITED to SHARE!


We're not saying there haven't been obstacles, but we learned how to see them as bumps in the road instead of giant boulders we couldn't get around. We want to help YOU thrive and get through life a little better every day.


We use tons of tools that keep things in balance, and we practice them EVERY SINGLE DAY.  You wanna know our secrets? We're sharing them!

"Top 3 Secrets for a Successful Midlife Reboot"

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