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Lost your lust for life?
Ready to get back on track?
Get back to basics:
  • Get a WIN. FAST!
  • Prioritize and complete what you start.
  • Remember what you want, and get it. 


“Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

― Ferris Bueller, 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'

Ready for a Fresh Start? It’s Time for a Gen X Reboot!

Hey there, fellow Gen Xer! Are you feeling stuck? Maybe you’re wondering if it’s too late to start fresh or reignite that passion you once had. Well, let us tell you something – it’s never too late. Welcome to Gen X Reboot, your go-to course for kicking off a new chapter with renewed energy and focus.

Why Gen X Reboot?

We’re the generation that doesn’t give up. We’ve seen it all and done it all, but sometimes, even the best of us need a little push. Whether you’re looking to revitalize your career, spark up your relationships, or just feel alive again, this course is for you.

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What’s Inside Gen X Reboot?

Gen X Reboot is all about practical steps that make a real difference. Let’s dive into what you’ll get:


Module One: Ten Minute Wins

  • Quick Wins: We start small. Quick, easy tasks that disrupt old patterns and create new, positive ones.

  • Mindset Shifts: Simple activities to shift your energy and state of mind.

  • Momentum Building: Humans love winning. Small victories lead to bigger successes.


Imagine this: You’re stuck in a rut, feeling like every day is the same. With our ten-minute wins, you’ll start seeing changes immediately. It’s like flipping a switch. One small change leads to another, and soon, you’re on a roll.

Module Two: Rabbit Hole Remedy

  • Awareness: Take stock of what’s on your plate. Are you overwhelmed? Let’s fix that.

  • Focus Techniques: Say goodbye to distractions. We’ll show you how to focus, even if you have ADHD.

  • Follow Through: Pick one thing and see it through to the end. No more half-finished projects.


Distractions are everywhere. We get it. But imagine if you could tune out the noise and focus on what really matters. With our Rabbit Hole Remedy, you’ll learn to prioritize and stick to your goals.

Module Three: No Regrets Reboot

  • Alignment: Make sure your actions align with your goals. No more wasted time.

  • Self-Care: Learn to say no to things that don’t serve you. Put yourself first.

  • Setting Boundaries: Healthy boundaries are key to a happy life. We’ll show you how.


Think about this: At the end of the day, can you say you’re living a life true to yourself? Our No Regrets Reboot module helps you align your actions with your true desires, ensuring you live without regrets.

Why You Need Gen X Reboot

Gen X Reboot isn’t just another course. It’s a game-changer. Here’s why:

1. Actionable Steps:

This isn’t about theory. It’s about real, practical steps you can take right now to improve your life.

2. Tailored for Gen X:

We understand you because we are you. This course is designed specifically for Gen Xers who want more out of life.

3. Lifetime Access:

You’ll get lifetime access to all modules and updates and access on a simple account you can get back to from this website! Revisit the content whenever you need a boost.

What You’ll Get:

  • Immediate Access to all modules.

  • Practical Exercises you can start using right away.

  • Lifetime Updates to keep you on track.

“For the record, you can get through the Gen X Reboot in less time than it takes to listen to your favorite album."


Ready to Transform Your Life?

Imagine waking up each day with a sense of purpose and excitement. Imagine having the tools to tackle any challenge that comes your way. That’s what Gen X Reboot can do for you.

For just $199, you’ll get full access to everything Gen X Reboot has to offer. It’s an investment in yourself and your future.

Your Journey Starts Now

Don’t wait another day feeling stuck or unfulfilled. Take control of your life and start living the way you want. Click the button below to get started with Gen X Reboot.

Get Gen X Reboot for $199

Real Results from Real People

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our Gen X Rebooters have to say:


"Andrea and Jeremie have done an exceptional job of stripping away unnecessary complexity, making the reboot approachable for everyone, regardless of their background or personal circumstances."  ~ Katie S.


"The course really helped me understand how to utilize my time more effectively, not get defeated easily, and persevere when a task seems too large to complete. I learned that starting small and working towards large goals makes large goals possible." ~ Benjamin



"The ideas and concepts are presented in an easy to understand format that guides you gently into big changes. One of my favorite aspects about Andrea and Jeremie’s character is they actually walk the path they present in this course and have applied the materials to their own lives." ~ Joshua F.

The Benefits of Gen X Reboot

1. Boost Your Career:

Whether you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder or start your own business, Gen X Reboot gives you the tools you need to succeed.

  • Actionable Strategies: Learn how to set and achieve career goals.

  • Networking Tips: Build meaningful connections that help you grow.

  • Work-Life Balance: Find the perfect balance between your career and personal life.

2. Revitalize Your Relationships:

Struggling with relationships? Gen X Reboot helps you build stronger, healthier connections.

  • Communication Skills: Improve how you communicate with loved ones.

  • Relationship Goals: Set and achieve goals for your personal relationships.

  • Self-Love: Learn to love and take care of yourself, which in turn, improves all your relationships.

3. Enhance Your Well-Being:

Your well-being is crucial. Gen X Reboot provides you with the tools to take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  • Stress Management: Techniques to manage and reduce stress.

  • Healthy Habits: Identify and break habits that hold you back. Develop habits that support your overall well-being.

  • Mindfulness: Learn to live in the moment and appreciate life’s journey.

A Course Designed Just for You

We’ve designed Gen X Reboot with you in mind. We know what it’s like to juggle multiple responsibilities and still feel like you’re not doing enough. This course is here to help you find balance and thrive in all areas of your life.

g the most of every moment. You deserve to feel happy, fulfilled, and excited about the future. Let’s make that happen together.

Easy to Follow, Hard to Forget

The course is broken down into easy-to-digest modules, each packed with actionable steps you can start implementing right away. No fluff, just real, practical advice that works.

Don’t Miss Out

This is your chance to reboot your life and start living the way you’ve always wanted. For just $199, you can unlock the tools and strategies that will help you achieve your goals and find renewed passion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do I have access to the course?

A: You’ll have lifetime access to all the course materials, including any future updates.

Q: Is this course suitable for someone with a busy schedule?

A: Absolutely! The course is designed with busy Gen Xers in mind. You can go at your own pace and fit it into your schedule. Most people say it takes an hour or less depending on how focused you are!

Q: What if I’m not satisfied with the course?

A: We’re confident you’ll love Gen X Reboot, but if you’re not satisfied, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

Gen X Reboot is more than a course. It’s a movement. It’s about taking control of your life and making the most of every moment. You deserve to feel happy, fulfilled, and excited about the future. Let’s make that happen together.

Take the First Step

Ready to reboot your life? Click the button below to get started. Remember, the best time to start is now.

"Gen X Reboot gets you back on track, with a plan, and confidence. Like rebooting your computer, but more fun." - Andrea King


What you'll get in Part 1

"10 minute Wins"

  • 2 - 10 minute wins

  • 6 - 5 minute wins

  • 10 - 1 minute wins

  • A Digital Download of all 3 lists

  • Invitation to our private VIP group for accountability and celebration.

10 min wins is designed to help you get out of an unhelpful cycle and start making changes.

Humans don't like changing, but we do like winning!

We invite you to share your wins so you can feel accomplished, no matter the size of the win.


The more wins you have, and share and are celebrated for, the more you'll feel like winning again.


What you'll get in Part 2

"The Rabbit Hole Remedy"

  • Awareness of how many things are nagging at you.

  • The ability to narrow down your tasks and prioritize.

  • Understanding of how many resources you already have.

  • The ability to plan and complete things.

The Rabbit Hole Remedy helps you become aware of how much you overwhelm yourself, and stop doing it so you can finish stuff.

Have you ever had so much to do, and been overwhelmed so you derail entirely, and do nothing?

You're not alone.

There's nothing difficult about this other than staying focused. We're here if you need support!


What you'll get in Part 3

"The No Regrets Reboot"

  • A wake up call about how your life is going so far.

  • A check in with what you want to experience before you die.

  • Space to let go of stuff that isn't helping you.

  • A PDF download so you can repeat or share the process.

It's not too late. You're not too old. 

Wherever you are on your journey, you can redirect.


Why aren't you living the life you want and what's holding you back?


It's your time now.


What is that thing you've always wanted to do?

The No Regrets Reboot will give you clarity and purpose to LIVE while you're alive.

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