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$5450 - 3 month package 

Your 12 Week Coaching Journey Includes:

  • 12 - one hour sessions over a 3 month period at your pace!

  • Plans and strategies to check in on based on your needs.

  • Support, accountability, and resources.

  • Coaching with either Andrea, Jeremie, or both of us is available.

  • Package price is for you, and if you desire, a second person who will join you.


Life is a journey!

When things aren’t great and you’re looking for some support, we understand the importance of finding an aligned coach. What we offer isn’t for everyone, so please read this before applying. We only take on a few coaching clients at a time for two reasons.

  1. We desire to understand you and be present with you throughout your coaching journey. This work is usually very vulnerable and it’s important for us to build trust and rapport with you so your transformation can happen smoothly!

  2. Coaching takes energy! We ensure that we aren’t overbooking ourselves so you get us at 200% (There are two of us ya know!)


But wait! Before you go any further…

Do you know if you need a life coach, or a transformation coach?

A life coach helps clients achieve specific goals — whatever those may be.

A transformational coach gets to the root of why clients do what they do.

Rather than merely setting goals, they uncover the WHY behind those goals, help them understand their own patterns, and make new ones.

We prefer to support you in transformation so your old patterns are a thing of the past!

If you’re looking for life coaching, this may be a little intense. Sort of like weeds in the garden, our patterns will keep growing back unless you pull out the root.


Are you ready to let go of those old patterns, become clear on what you really want, and make actual PLANS to not just move toward your goals, but become the PERSON who easily achieves them? 

YES?!?!  Wonderful!

Here’s everything you need to know about our 12-week Empowerment Coaching and Transformation Program.  Get comfortable with the process before you go through it!

Before our first session we will ask you to:

  • Apply for coaching (fill out the form on this page completely)

  • Have a 15(ish) minute call to make sure we are aligned with your needs.

  • Decide whether you want to work with Andrea, Jeremie, or both of us!

  • Pay for coaching all at once or set up your 3 payment plan.

  • Fill out a couple of assessments to help us understand how you think and operate.

  • We will also invite you to include another person in your coaching program if it will help you, and get some basic information about them and their level of participation.

Week 1: Orientation and Goal Setting

It’s important to us to know what YOU want, who YOU are and what YOU feel and think about. This coaching program is for YOU after all! We will discuss boundaries and edges you are looking to nudge, shift, or destroy completely! Your sessions are in full confidence.

The first session helps us all understand how you want to feel and be after your coaching journey. Who is that person you know is hiding inside of you?

What to expect:

  • Initial assessment and goal clarification.

  • Introduction to coaching process and confidentiality agreements.

  • Discussion of boundaries and expectations.

  • Personalized coaching plan development.

  • Agreement on communication methods and styles.

  • Transparency Q&A, ask us anything that helps you feel more comfortable.

Week 2: Goal Setting and Action Planning

Define SMART goals and create an actionable plan to achieve them. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound ) We know accountability is key and you’ll have a roadmap to follow with check-ins built in.

What to expect:

  • Collaborative goal setting aligned with values and aspirations.

  • Breakdown of goals into specific, measurable steps.

  • Introduction to time management techniques and habit formation.

  • Crafting a motivating "power statement" to drive action.

Weeks 3-10: Bi-Weekly Progress Sessions

Implement action plans, overcome obstacles, and foster continuous growth. During these 7 weeks, we will support you as you “run the new program” to rewrite your patterns and create lasting change based on our week 2 agreements. During this time, we are open to pivots and shifts based on what comes up for you.

What to expect:

  • Bi-weekly action check-ins.

  • Assignment and discussions on relevant resources and educational materials.

  • Ongoing support, feedback, and accountability.

  • Adjustment of plans based on feedback and evolving needs.

  • Mid-engagement feedback loop and checkpoints to assess progress and address challenges.

Week 11: Progress Review and Reflection

Reflect on accomplishments, challenges, and lessons learned. You’re almost to the finish line for this phase! This session is a solid comparison to see how far you’ve come and celebrate it! 

What to expect:

  • Review of progress and achievements.

  • Identification of challenges and lessons learned.

  • Celebration of successes and milestones.

  • Discussion of areas for future growth and development.

  • Strategies for maintaining momentum post-coaching.

Week 12: Transition and Next Steps

Prepare for post-coaching success and continued growth.

What to expect:

  • Summary of key insights and breakthroughs.

  • Exploration of potential next steps and strategies for ongoing development.

  • Creation of a personalized roadmap for sustaining progress.

  • Offer of continued support options.

  • Affirmation and encouragement for your journey ahead.

Our goal is to meet you where you are without judgment, show you some blind spots you don’t realize are limiting you, and help you reach your next level, whatever that looks like for you. Every coaching program is customized to YOUR unique needs.
As a couple coaching together, we bring two perspectives on everything to support your journey in a holistic way.
We don't always agree on things and we don't sugarcoat things either, but we DO communicate and work through everything. Our commitment is to understanding, without always needing to be right.

Some final thoughts before you apply for coaching:

The human nervous system can only change so much, so fast. We know that small changes on a consistent basis not only add up, but multiply to create huge shifts! We want these changes to become part of the new elevated, better YOU! If the pace is too fast or slow, we are happy to adjust your program.

Your regular sessions, targeted exercises and explorations will get you back on track with new patterns and habits that will LAST.

The 12-week duration for our coaching program is intentionally chosen to promote growth and change within a practical period so you can integrate and maintain the changes. This duration allows for focused attention on goals, promotes consistency, yet instills a sense of urgency for action.

We recommend weekly sessions because of this, but can modify the schedule based on your needs and schedule. Embracing the structure of our 12-week coaching program gives you a transformative journey that’s DESIGNED for YOU.


Consider your life calendar for the next 3 months. You are undergoing changes and will need time and space to integrate and take care of yourself as you go.

Nothing lights us up more than seeing you discover a new passion, and embody it so you can LIVE it!

Ready to thrive?

Andrea is

  • A warm hearted intuitive empath who can quite literally FEEL what you are going through.

  • An organizer by nature who will support you with strategy and plans for success.

  • A mom of 2 teenagers and big supporter of empowering kids, and helping people find out their superpowers.

  • Experienced with plenty of woo-woo and weird stuff, esoteric and psychedlic journeys.

  • A Feng Shui Geek who loves connecting WHY your outer world reflects your inner world.

A little more about us...

Photo Mar 18 2024, 5 46 21 PM (1).jpg

We are

  • A powerful balance of masculine and feminine energy in ourselves and together.

  • Non-judgmental, and comfortable talking about just about anything.

  • A good example of a couple who can work stuff out on the spot.

  • Pretty weird, open, and flexible to anything you are going through.

  • Punctual and accountable to you.

  • The kind of people that have a lot of tools and use them regularly.


Jeremie is

  • One of the funniest people on the planet, and makes you laugh easily.

  • A warm, nurturing dad of 2 teenage daughters.

  • An articulate communicator.

  • Often intuitively guided to ask questions to people that reveal interesting things.

  • Into mens' work, and embodying masculine energy in a healthy way.

  • Well versed in a multitude of embodiment techniques and methods to help people FEEL their truth.

Mobile Customer
$25 - monthly subscription  

Need a gentle reminder to keep on track?  Subscribe to our online academy's weekly accountability check in and we will shoot you a quick text to remind you to stick to your goals!

We have seen so many people succeed when they "agree to be reminded".  As a member of Naughty Squirrel Academy, you can also connect in our group, and find partners to thrive with!

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