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$3450 - 3 month package 

A Package Includes:

  • 12 - one hour sessions over a 3 month period

  • Plans and strategies to check in on.

  • Support, accountability, and resources.

  • Coaching with Andrea, Jeremie, or both of us is available.

Our greatest joy is seeing you thrive. Sometimes you need a little one-on-one (or two) for your commitments to stick.

Personal coaching gives you a strategy, accountability, and motivation to meet your goals.


Check availablity below. We have 3 rotating coaching slots open where you can work with either or both of us, depending on your preference.

Schedule after payment one at a time, or all at once via calendar link.

3 month period is flexible based on discussion if needed.


Andrea is

  • A warm hearted intuitive empath who can quite literally FEEL what you are going through.

  • An organizer by nature who will support you with strategy and plans for success.

  • A mom of 2 teenagers and big supporter of empowering kids, and helping people find out their superpowers.

  • Experienced with plenty of woo-woo and weird stuff, esoteric and psychedlic journeys.

Coaching with Us


We are

  • A powerful balance of masculine and feminine energy in ourselves and together.

  • Non-judgmental, and comfortable talking about just about anything.

  • A good example of a couple who can work stuff out on the spot.

  • Pretty weird, open, and flexible to anything you are going through.

  • Punctual and accountable to you.


Jeremie is

  • One of the funniest people on the planet, and makes you laugh easily.

  • A warm, nurturing dad of 2 teenage daughters.

  • An articulate communicator.

  • Often intuitively guided to ask questions to people that reveal interesting things.

  • Into mens' work, and embodying masculine energy in a healthy way.

Mobile Customer
$25 - monthly subscription  

Need a gentle reminder to keep on track?  Subscribe to our online academy's weekly accountability check in and we will shoot you a quick text to remind you to stick to your goals!

We have seen so many people succeed when they "agree to be reminded".  As a member of Naughty Squirrel Academy, you can also connect in our group, and find partners to thrive with!

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