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4 ways to stop being stuck, and find your ideal partner! It's not too late!

Have you ever gotten up to go do something, headed into another room, and stopped. Maybe your forehead scrunched a bit and you wondered, "WHAT THE HECK DID I COME IN HERE FOR?"

Yeah, us too.

We have a theory that midlife can be a crisis when it SNEAKS UP ON YOU. Do you remember the point when you went from being "the kid" to "the adult"?

We can't figure it out, and even though we are on either side of 50, we still feel 30.

It's a Gen X thing.

So today we're gonna talk about that moment when you're stuck.

It can appear at home, at work, or in the middle of a conversation, and there's a glitch.

Before we go any further, we want you to know something about us. Back in 2019, we were stuck and alone. We both had been single for a while, and feeling pretty jaded, we took a chance on Facebook dating around the same time. We both clicked "LIKE", and connected, blissfully unaware that we were in this thing called "Midlife". With no IDEA what we were in for, we met for coffee and the rest... you know... is history, and it's also the present!

This pic was just after we met in 2019.

We went all in, and talked about EVERYTHING in the first 2 weeks.

Why? Because we knew we had no patience for finding red flags later. We also knew at this point in life, you gotta "shit or get off the pot" as they say.

Since those first few weeks, we've had a wild ride! We combined our families, shared a quarantine, started a business, got married and are building our life every day.

This is 4-2-2022------------------->

WHEW! We learned a lot! If you're in the same boat in any way, feeling stuck, or ready to get clear, grab the free mini-course we made for you!

We answered some of the biggest blocks that kept us stuck:

  • We can see now, the proof that the best opportunities still lay ahead.

  • We looked at our experiences and realized how many skills we have, so we are not starting from scratch after all!

  • We got weird, and broke THROUGH our comfort zone so we can play where all the magic happens!

We want others to have the joy we have, come explore the possibilities!

We're no strangers to struggle, and it's our passion to help people who ready to get back on track. Here's the 4 ways to stop being stuck, and keep moving forward with grace and humor.

  1. The Imperfectionist Mindset: Being stuck can come from not wanting to screw up, or do the wrong thing, or fail. Embrace the mistakes, the detours, and keep going, one awkward step at a time. Learn as you go, and laugh at your struggles. If you're doing ANYTHING productive, you're in the minority of most humans. Give yourself a little credit.

  2. Be a Productive Procrastinator: We just spent a bunch of time talking about how to stop procrastinating and get things done. There's a flip side to it. Balance. If you've started to take action, it can turn into overwhelm. You might end up stuck again! Now that you're all ambitions, and you've collected a laundry list of things you want to do, why rush? Procrastination can be a powerful tool when used wisely. Take that list and put it on your calendar. Spread it out over weeks or months. Mix in all the fun stuff.

  3. The Zen of Not Knowing: Picture this: You're at a crossroads, and all the signs are in a language you don't speak. It can feel like this when you're stuck. Instead of stressing, find your inner zen master, take a deep breath and revel in the mystery. Life's pretty funny and surprises are the universe's way of keeping you on your toes. Look sharp, you might learn something!

  4. The Art of Adaptation: Can you assemble IKEA furniture without the instructions? Life is a lot like that. Adaptation is not about having all the answers; it's about making the best of what you've got. Sometimes it means sitting back and taking stock of what's really going on so you can start moving forward again. Slow down a bit and you'll actually get there faster.

We love seeing people have those a-ha moments and shift into the next exciting thing.

This is us in Egypt in October 2023 on a MAGICAL TRIP OF A LIFETIME!

It really does keep getting better...

You deserve joy. Get out of that rut!

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