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The Reboot Kit Prequel

Take a few moments to check in with yourself and feel empowered again.

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Feeling dusty or stuck?

Has it been a while since you were in your flow?

Check out the foundation clearing prequel!


  • who is in your way

  • how your thoughts are running the show

  • what direction you really want to go



Who says I can't?

How to unlock the possibilities of your best life.

Are you trapped in a web of societal expectations, family obligations, and the desire to please others?

How can you reboot your own life if you're worried about everyone else?

WHO'S life is it? YOURS.

Of course, when you change, it almost always affects others in your life, so self-awareness is VERY helpful!


Be kind to yourself and others as you take back your power!

  • ULTIMATELY, the only permission you need is from YOURSELF.

  • Let’s unravel the myth of needing external permission to change your life.

See how much you give your power away and how to get it back!


Whatcha thinkin' about?

How to get out of your way, and become your biggest fan.

​Your mindset is your attitudes, worldview, and personal guiding philosophy.

It guides what you think and feel. It informs you about other people, yourself, culture, people's behavior, and what the meaning of your life could be. 

Your mindset is the direct reflection of a lifetime's worth of experiences.


Every good, bad, and ugly experience has built it. When you begin a sincere process of changing your life, it all hinges on your mindset. 

  • We're going to look at fixed and growth mindsets in this module. 

  • Do you have a fixed mindset? Do you doubt things will ever work out, and feel STUCK? 

  • Do you have a growth mindset? Are you optimistic and friendly, ready to explore new things? 

 Are your current thoughts SUPPORTING you

or FIGHTING you?


What's really true?

How to get clear on what you want so you can actually accomplish it.

How do you want to feel? 

  • Clear or confused?

  • Happy or sad?

  • Inspired or stuck?

What do you really want?


How can you know what you want if you don’t understand how you feel?

  • Have you ever left a job, relationship, or a situation that was not good for you?

  • What did it feel like to set yourself free?

  • Can you name "those things" that weren't good for you so you can see them coming?


We'll help you:

  • FEEL what is a YES or NO for you.

  • identify what patterns show up over and over and help you get clarity on that contrast.

  • understand your personal values so you can apply them and succeed.

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